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The Evernight is march’s release, focusing on a selection of classic creatures of the night. Headless horsemen, flesh golem, banshee and more. Some nice twists with zombie nights and a vampire centaur. 3D Art do some very fine quality models and these are well worth a look.

  • 3 Modular Zombie Knights (Rank and File, 35MM, 25MM Base)
  • 1 Lord Maximillian De Garoup, Nosferatu (Hero, 35MM, 25MM Base)
  • 2 Guy De Payans Clinging and Standing, Revenant (Heroes, 35MM, 25MM Base)
  • 1 Artois the Clawed Hoof, Vampire Centaur (“Mounted” Hero, 60MM, 25x50MM)
  • 1 Ibin Franj, Flesh Golem (Monster, 52MM, 50MM Base)
  • 1 D’Artagan Richelloue, Headless Rider on Nightmare (Mounted Hero, 41MM, 25×75 MM Base)
  • 1 Delphine Labelle, Banshee (Hero, 35MM, 25MM Base)
  • Terrain for Guy De Payans, Column and Gargoyle
  • Sculpted Bases for Each Miniature

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