3D Art Guy Patreon

A strong sci-fi month from 3D Art Guy with a range of popular influences voted for by his Patreon. This month sees a wild gal with a bow from a tribal future atop a downed mech. She also comes with an optoinal mask and headdress. He’s also working on a second pose for her to come later in the month.

Then there’s a powerful Palace Guard from a Desert world covered head to toe and ready for battle with sword and worm-stolen tooth.

Finally he’s got a mighty warrior in power armour fighting against demons from an insane realm; one already being cut in two on his sword; the other a massive towering machine monster ready to do battle.

There’s often several extra parts and alternative poses for his models. Often one per model will be locked to the Patreon as exclusive (you can’t get it even on MMF).
Note that buying into his Patreon also gets you access to his entire back-archive so if you’ve missed previous months (or are totally new) you can get access to all those unique sculpts in one big go.

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