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Welcome to The Office! A set of fantasy models themed around a modern day office setting, complete with dragons, orc, goblins, lamia and more – heck even the water cooler is a mimic!

  • Auritax the Dragon Accountant
  • Water Cooler Mimic (with variant brands)
  • Trixlie the Goblin (with variant outfit)
  • Serpenta the Lamia Guard (with Gorgon variant)
  • Stacy the Office Succubus
  • Milton Dragonborn I.T.
  • Pixie the Fairy Secretary
  • Oggra the Orc C.E.O. (with outfit variant)
  • Udoroth the Chain Devil Manager (with optional buisnesscards)

Bonus minis (released soon)

  • Brittle Brackle the Gnome Librarian
  • 22 Office Props (finishing supports)

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