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White Werewolf Tavern Tribes

A really amazing release this month with a troop of monkeys. From royalty to a warlord to some flying troops to a huge Crushing Monkey Boss model. With several of the character models provided in stunning 75mm scale (with presupports).
There’s also a Grell and Cloaker, mysterious allies or deadly enemies?! Finishing up with a nice throwback of the Cult Assassin in both 32mm and 75mm scales

  • Kruh the monkey King 75mm and 32mm
  • Monkey king Wife 75mm and 32mm
  • Monkey Concubine 32mm and 75mm
  • Garoto Warlord 75mm and 32mm
  • Garoto Warlord Bust
  • Flying monkeys set 6 miniatures 32mm
  • Crushing monkey boss 32mm
  • Crushing monkeys set 4 miniatures 32mm
  • Grell 32mm
  • Cloaker 32mm
  • Cult Assassin 32mm and 75mm (throwback miniature)

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