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Release April 2022

Nature’s Wrath: Genir Ancients

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Natures Wrath: Genir Ancients is the April theme and its a fantastic collection of larger nature themed models. The Elder Forest Elemental is a beautifully unique sculpt with a forest atop its back and a mighty river pouring from its heart and body.
Druids, trolls and Verdants also feature for a fantastic mix of chunky warriors and creatures. Nature is often a theme that gets paired with the lithe and animal so its refreshing to see a take that goes for a different style and focus. Using trolls as benevolent woodland/forest creatures is also a nice nod to much of their old lore, not just as monsters.
There’s also the ever present additions to the AVG Society, also following the natural theme with a druid, barbarian and elven archer.

  • Treant Lord – 100mm base – 1 pose
  • Elder Forest Elemental – 100mm base – 1 pose
  • Forest Elementals – 50mm base – 4 poses
  • Genirheart Trolls – 50mm base – 4 poses
  • Rootals – 50mm base – 4 poses
  • Grovebred Druids – 25mm base – 4 poses
  • Verdant Ancients – 50mm base – 4 poses
  • Verdant Ancient – Bust
  • Young Treants – 50mm base – 2 poses
  • Saplings – 25mm base – 2 poses 

Archvillain Society Vol. X

  • Qinwari the Wild – Female Glaodhan Druid – 25mm base
  • Gaelan the Valiant – Male Glaodhan Barbarian – 25mm base
  • Alavara Zinbella – Elf Archer – 25mm base