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Release April 2022

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The first release this month are the Hades Burning Legion. A multipart set of twisted and heavily armoured warriors with heavy weapons.
The second release for the month are the Templar Crusaders. Heavily armed warriors loaded with detail and religious garb and icons – even a tabard on one of the optional bodies.
Third release are the Wai Toa – Roroa. These are some large sized heavily armoured warriors with a neat design that lets you nestle their helms deep in the thick armour. With a range of close combat weapons and a boltgun. This unit is designed to get right into the thick of combat.

Remember Atlan Forge sculpt through the month, typically releasing new models around once a week or so. So do check back regularly for more content from them!

Hades Burning Legion content:

3 Flamethrower arm poses
3 Plasma Rifle arm poses
3 Bolter Rifle arm poses
5 tosoes
5 helms
5 pauldron sets
5 backpacks
3 leg poses
A smattering of extra decoration parts

Templar Crusaders content:

1 Gatling Gun
1 Plasma Cannon
1 Missile Launcher (top/shoulder mounted)
2 Heavy Bolt Guns (each with 2 arm poses)
4 Power Fists
5 Torsos
3 Helms
7 Pauldrons
3 Leg poses (which can be mirrored for more options)

Wai Toa – Roroa content:

5 Power Claw arm poses
3 Power Fist Arm poses+saw attachment
4 Arm poses
2 Powersword poses
5 Torsos
5 Helms
6 Lauldrons
5 Leg poses

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