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Endre Isklaw on Bear Chariot is the first big release this month, featuring a massive character with fist mounted boltgun and a huge, very ornate axe; all riding atop a flying air sled being pulled by a pair of massive armoured and half cybernetic warbears.
Joining Endre are a troop of Aegyptian Shield guard. Modular warriors with a range of arms for close combat, bolter and shield.
A huge Manus Mortis Harvester Dreadnought, with several weapon options and a very dynamic set of poseable parts has been added.
Then there’s the skull faced Angelic Soul Reaper, which comes complete with several arm options, 4 helms, 3 pauldrons and backpacks. So a lot of great choice for building several in different styles for variety in your army.

Atlan sculpt through the month and there’s already hunts of a squad of infantry coming this weekend/early next week.

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