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Release April 2022

Calden Keep Part 2

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Time to return to Calden Keep as a second wave of 25 models is unleashed by Bestiarum Miniatures. Yet more super dark and twisted gothic model designs by the fantastic team. From tormented souls to a huge Golgotha golem, a walking graveyard of rotting flesh and tombstones. Matched only in size by a Torment Collative, a vast walking undead construct that’s covered in trapped corpses. Even warriors sent to fight in this release are armed with grim coffin shields!

Though I’d say Morwen steals the show, an outstanding character model covered in beautiful decorated armour with a rippling cape.

Having hit 2K Patreon supporters in March their store discount is 70% this month for members of Patreon/Tribes.

  • Aethelric the Undying, Lord of Calden – 70mm base
  • Morwen, The Shadow of Calden – 40mm base
  • The Phalanx – 5 poses, 32mm base
  • Courtiers  – 3 poses. 25mm base
  • The Torment Collective  – 65mm base
  • Torturer – 40mm base
  • Dark Acolytes – 3 poses. 25mm base
  • Tormented souls – 5 poses. 25mm base
  • Resurrected Goliath – 65mm base
  • Torturer’s assistant – 25mm base
  • Golgotha – 100mm base
  • Executioner – 32mm base
  • Sarcophagus

Lone Heroes Part V (3 figures):

  • Monk
  • Nameless Prisoner
  • Warlock
  • Backstory and 5e Character sheet

Gaming Systems available in WARLORD TIER!

  • 5e module One shot campaign / Dataslates / Maps
  • Supplement compatible with Rangers of the shadow deep
  • Supplement compatible with Forbidden Psalm
  • 3 premade Heroes for 5e

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