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This month they head to japan for inspiration! Sculpting during the month so do check back on their patreon regularly to see more new models added as they come around.
Their first model is an Oni Samurai armed with a cursed katana. His base also comes with two Kodamas (which come as stand alone as well).
Temple Keepers join the forces this month with a Protector, Janitor and Fisherman. The Protector even coming with an optional Yoaki, a living paper lantern ghost. Then there are two fantastic scenery sets, a Ramen Stand (10 parts) and Japanese Garden (9 parts). These are ideal for creating your own shop scenes and terrain.
Added to this is a more fearsome model, a Jorogumo (Yokai), a woman spider. Coming in both human-spider form, human and a bust of her human upper body.

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