Release April 2022

Enter the Drains

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This month Cast n Play takes you to the dank dark underbelly of the city sewer system. A place rife with giant man-sized rats, slithering serpent people and far more lurking in the depths.
The Ravager Wurmis a huge monstrosity, complete with its rider charging it on. Meanwhile there’s the mystical Yuddrakh Skin-Shedder. A really outstanding multi-armed serpent woman armed with deadly longswords and a magical crest of armour rising up over her.
This all comes with a great modular sewer system terrain set. Modular walls and base tiles let you build the twisting winding sewer of your dreams (or nightmares). Finally there’s also a set of round and square bases in various sizes with themed tops for the set. Ideal for use in this campaign to theme your models or for any others.

Also don’t overlook their Throwback content. If you’ve not backed them before this more than doubles the content of the set, adding more bases, more warriors, more terrain features and more. There’s a smattering of various critters from multiple previous releases that fit the sewers theme really well.

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