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Kings Castle is this months big release from CastnPlay, featuring not just a collection of fantastic models, but also a booklet that takes you from level 1 to 11 in 5thed DnD. This is the last of their current campaign arc, next month they will be starting a fresh RPG arc. Remember this includes all the stats, maps and other material to play.

The models feature a whole range from armed infantry and crossbowmen to a huge dragon, large construct warrior, an amazing phoenix and a really detailed thrownroom scene which really sets a fantastic scene. There’s even some castle floor, wall terrain and a base set.

In addition to this they also give you a really neat and varied throwback release with a whole host of various accessories including props, models and more from several previous releases. Mounted lizards, a vampire and scenery, angels, a huge vampiric bat monster and more

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