Bulkamancer Sculpts Release April 2022

Bulkamancer Sculpts

Release April 2022

Ranni the Witch

Bulkamancer Sculpts Patreon

This month Bulkamancer Sculpts has leapt onto the Elden Ring craze and has sculpted a fantastic large model of Ranni the Witch. This model comes with a neat “ghost face” part which can be printed in clear resin for that ghostly effect if you so choose.…

Bulkamancer Sculpts Release March 2022

Bulkamancer Sculpts Patreon

A totally brand new Patreon launching this month. Focusing on producing large high detail models (Nocticula is 1/10 scale), with an estimated one new model per month (very normal for high detail large model sculpting patreons). They’ve got three of their models up for free on their MMF page.…