DM Stash Release April 2022

DM Stash

Release April 2022

1st Year Anniversary

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DM Stash are celebrating their first anniversary this month with a release of 12 outstanding models based on divinity and a special limited edition griffin! These models are provided in both 32mm and 75mm scales
These models come with complete DND stats and a full map and mid length campaign module for 5th edition DND

Do check back on the 15th as they’ve dropped hints of something big coming then which they’ve been working on for the last 4 years.…

DM Stash Release March 2022

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Mage warriors, mages, constructs, mystical beasts and an eastern style dragon. DM Stash provide a wealth of characters to populate your RPG table, complete with a full set of 5e stats, maps and module to play

Included in this month’s STL pack is

  • 10x high quality models including NPCs, Monsters and Beasts in 32mm and 75mm scale
  • Pre Supported variants of each character (.lys

DM Stash Release February 2022

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10 models inspired by classic vampires and gargoyles feature this month. Provided in both 75mm and 32mm scales along with a whole pack of DnD content – maps, statblocks, magic items and a short module set.

There’s everything here to make either a fun evenings roleplaying or some high detail sculpts for your shelf.…