Naga Minis Release April 2022

Naga Minis

Release April 2022

Naga Minis Patreon

Yet another cute and crawly release of models from Naga Minis. This month they’ve got a selection including a Squirrel Witch Doctor, a living Plant monster, Jerboa Folk Bard, a Bastion (Rust Monster) and a selection of scatter terrain, ideal for adding to bases or terrain features.…

Naga Minis Release March 2022

Naga Minis Patreon

A magical and strange release this month with animal inspired designs. From the sneaky weasel ninja, to a powerful mage and the super strange mambags!

  • Mambangs
  • Mags the Elephant Folk Mage
  • Lincah Lockheard, Weasel Folk Ninja
  • Scattery Terrain items
  • Squieel Ranger, Neg Merryleaf (throwback)

Also be aware that they are making changes to their patreon and tiers in April.…

Naga Minis Release February 2022

Naga Minis Patreon

Naga continue to celebrate their 1st Anniversary with their party and cake model selection being released this month alongside a regular release of wild warriors. This month there’s a Corgie warrior armed with a huge axe hammer; a Rabbit Monk, both with two different poses; a mighty feral Tiger warrior and a selection of scatter terrain for a warriors training camp.…