Prey STL Collection Preview April 2022

Prey STL Collection

Preview April 2022

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models already far along the design process for April, featuring so far The Pitt and Lion-O with an early concept started on Xanatos; with more models set to come. Prey sculpts and releases models for 3 separate scales each month, 1-10, 75mm and 32mm.…

Prey STL Collection Release March 2022

Prey STL Collection Patreon

A massive release from Prey this month with a whole host of models. Each one provided in 3 presupported scales; 1:10, 1:24, 32mm and chock full of detail and texturing. There is some outstanding detail on these models which draw from various comic and video game backgrounds.…

Forest Dragon Preview March 2022

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The Despoiler army get their last few models, with a pair of corrupted beasts and a demon lord to lead them. The Glade Nobels and Merchants gain a Dire Elf Crossbow unit to compliment the spearmen that came out last month.…