Solwyte Studios Release April 2022

Solwyte Studios

Release April 2022

Solwyte Studio Patreon

Another epic month from Solwyte Studio as this month we see a continuation of the new titan, the Nyphia War Construct. This month we get the head, neck and main core of its body, to go with the legs released last month (which are also up on her MMF Store if you missed them last month).…

Solwyte Studio Release March 2022

Solwyte Studio Patreon

This month marks the start of a major new project, the Nyphia Secutor Construct, the legs of which you can see in the slideshow above. Don’t let them fool you, these are 200mm tall legs on their own and can be fully posed.…

Solwyte Releases February 2022

Solwyte Patreon

This month marks a big change for in terms of visual branding and releases. First up the Patreon has changed formerly from Aphyrion to Solywte Studios. Along with this change comes some new ideas and the creator is looking to flex her creative talents outside of purely awesome tanks and mechs and into creatures and other things.…