Tesseract Tomb Release April 2022

Tesseract Tomb

Release April 2022

Trucks of the Wasteland

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Tesseract Tomb Tribes

Tesseract Tomb gets very modular this month with a fantastic wasteland truck theme. A lot of varied parts let you build a whole host of trucks and whilst there are some established designs that theme the parts, you can go wild with swapping parts around to get your own unique design.…

Tesseract Tomb Release March 2022

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A Military Outpost features this month with a selection of modular/multipart buildings alongside a dirt runnier scouting vehicle. With the modular design of the buildings there’s every chance that you can use the parts for you own designs as well as the official designs presented here.…

Tesseract Tomb Preview March 2022

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This is the start of a new series of themed releases based around the idea of a military outpost. The creator is hoping to add to the above in march and also the coming months to create a fully fleshed out military base with bunkers, walls, gun emplacements and more.…

Tesseract Tomb Release February 2022

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This months collection features a selection of industrial buildings designed to link to the pipe network terrain released a short while ago. If you don’t have the pipes there are end-caps in this release so the buildings can free-stand and they can direct connect to each other.…