Runic Collectibles Release March 2022

Runic Collectibles Patreon

The second release from Runic and its an outstanding collection of forest themed fantasy models. A set I’ve been waiting for eagerly; there’s some really fantastic elf characters, including one with a pair of spirit wolves. Two versions of an elemental; a really fancy centaur that makes me really hope they do more in the future.…

Red Clay Collectibles Release March 2022

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Red Clay Collectibles Tribes

Pangolin Village is the theme for the release, featuring a whole host of characters to populate the settlement. From traders, to family to spear armed guards to keep order. There’s a lot of charm to the designs and they’d certainly make for a very colourful and vibrant community

  • Chief
  • Cook
  • Merhcant
  • Mother and kids
  • Painter
  • Entertainers
  • Mask Maker
  • Village Hunters (multiple)

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Dragons Lake Miniatures Release March 2022

Dragons Lake Miniatures Patreon

Dwarf release with a ballista with a complete crew and a smith hero/leader model in addition to an infantry group comprising of 5 greybeards and a full command stand (champion/musician/standard bearer). These models are all ready to rank up shoulder to shoulder for rank and file games or to free stand in more open movement games.…