Another day another slew of new models up for grabs around the world. The March Releases have been expanded with yet more creators with more planned to be added to the list today. Always do check back as things are always being added, including to those creators who sculpt through the month and add models here and there.

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Caught My Eye

This is a new thing I’m started which I’ll do periodically where I’ll post links and a preview of models I’ve found around the net that have caught my eye recently. These could be anything on any site. This is a way to show and share models that I’ve come across from any source. They might already be featured on the site in the Creators page or be one of those doing monthly releases; or they might not feature at all. This is way to keep up with some new things from those already shown and also to share anything cool in the STL world that I find with you all – Enjoy

Protoceratops vs Velociraptor scene

by Nikola Roglic

Nikola has been featured in the Creators page here for a while and has been steadily producing some fantastic animal sculpts over the last months. This fairly recent scene is an outstanding interactive scene between three dinosaurs in a hunt. It’s honestly a touch on the rare side to see a dynamic creation like this in 3D printing, where so often we see stand alone models. Great detail with scratches and marks on the Protoceratops’s hide. The models come as separate entities, the only downside would be the lack of presupports, though I’d not let that stop you (one can always do them yourself in Lychee, Chitubox or other supporting and slicing software).

Winged Night Owl

by Koen Terra

This is a 3rd model from Koen which is also totally free. The STL is very nicely put together without any holes or problems (same as their other models) and holds very nice detail. I’ve not had a chance to print it yet, but it looks well worth a print or more. Pre-supports might be a bit of a bother if you’ve a smaller printer as they are provided as a single block file too big to fit on smaller build plates – but it should be possible to separate them out or apply your own supports.
A great model and I look forward to more from them and the hope that we’ll see some kind of KS/Patreon/regular models for sale to give something back to this creator for all their fine work.

Teknops Herald of Rebirth

by Dark Jeyzz

This is a model from a former Patreon and forms part of an army release of the Teknops forces. It was one of two long legged walkers that caught my eye over a year ago to back their campaign for similar designed Tekno warriors and machines. Very nice sculpting and good detail, its a model I should revisit printing (it was one of my earlier ones back before I’d learned how to best set things up or apply/adjust presupports and all).


by Ace Minis also second webstore

Ace makes some very fun looking modular tanks and vehicles, as well as many other parts and models. The tanks put me in mind of the old Red Alert video games and the modularity means that you’ve got a really wide selection of choices in how you choose to build them. From scouts with wheel to thundering multi-track monsters.

Dog alien Sculptures and Bust – fanart Collection

by 3dklos

I’m sure these creatures need little to no introduction; this is a set of 3 released models in one bundle and the detail on them is awesome. A look on their facebook and ArtStation shows that the creator is even working on another sculpt in the alien line.

Barbarian Girl

by STLProject

A nice large scale model of a barbarian armed with sword and axe with a wolfish companion. Lots of great texturing and detail on this model and an optional variation on the chest. There’s a lot of good cuts here to make it easier to print on smaller printers and also to help retain high detail with regard to support work.