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A big release for the Starscales army, this month sees them gaining a large stampedon which comes with a range of option parts, 2 heads, 2 howdah and 4 crew and can even be used with the Nova Navigator as part of its crew as well.
In addition there’s a new warrior unit in the form of the Nova Guards; and a fantastic selection of little dinosaurs. These are provided in predesigned and varied base toppers and also several of them are provided individually – ideal for decorating bases of other models.
The throwback, as voted by last months backers, is the Flying Terror Squad.

  • A Nova guard squad: 9 models including a leader set
  • A Nova navigator : 1 model
  • A Saurian swarm Squad : 3 big pieces, 6 middle pieces and 5 small dinosaurs.
  • A Stampedon : a big multipart model including 4 Crew, 2 Howdah variation as well as 2 heads.
  • A Flying terror squad ( throwback file ) : 6 models

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