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Their second release takes them to the swamps for the Garten and the Witch release. Providing models in both 32mm and 75mm scales. They are also well on their way toward their first 100 member goal of adding a second dragon to their welcome pack.

  • Garten (Medium);
  • Lenne, the Swamp Hag (Medium);
  • Garten – Giant Frog (Medium);
  • Groto (Large);
  • Giant Poisonous Snake (Large);
  • Swamp Crocodile (Large);
  • Jaguar (Medium);
  • Swamp Zombie (Medium);
  • Swamp Ghoul (Medium);
  • Vine Blight (Medium);
  • Plus 10 scenery props for your battlemaps ! (Exclusively in 32mm scale).

If all that hasn’t tempted you yet, then they also have a Free Model on their MMF page. I’ve downloaded it myself and the print quality is really very very good indeed.

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