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Release April 2022

Montblanc Escapade

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Montblanc Escapade! A dark gothic high detail collection of models featuring noble heroes, vampires, werewolf (who looks very happy to be charging into battle) and a large vampiric beast. Collective Studio make some really amazing high detail models and this set is a real treat.

Contents (32mm and 75mm scales):

  • Arnou – Human (Medium)
  • Arnou – Werewolf (Medium)
  • Darach (Medium)
  • Diecarn (Medium)
  • Dire Bat (Large)
  • Kamus (Medium)
  • Tess Carneath (Medium)
  • Vampire Spawn (Medium)
  • Vyesant (Medium)
  • Vyesant on Nightmare (Large)
  • Plus 10 scenery props for your battlemaps ! (Exclusively in 32mm scale).

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