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Behold the first model of the next month, the Osterbeast! Do check out the creators patreon as he posts a nice chunk of lore for each model and this one is a real treat! There’s also a 360 rotating view there too. Chock full of detail and features, heck look at those little arms near its belly region!
The second model is Saint Maximilliano, a Holy Lich! Complete with 4 poses with several (not all) having the option of weapon shifts such as a flaming sword. There’s also a bust of the mighty Lich and two floating weapons.
Third we have Mercedes, Pepetual Order Death Knight. Armed with sword and a burning torch, she comes in 4 poses (some with alternate weapons); a bust and 2 floating weapons.
Then we have Astrid, The Valkyrie, who so far hasn’t got as many renders, but is looking like a fantastic model and there’s a 360 rotation image on the patreon page.
Next up is a mighty Thalia, Beasthunter Ranger in four distinct poses. Armed with a bow almost as long as she is tall.

Fenris the Cinderwolf is the last model and is a re-release model now coming with fancy new presupports. Coming in 3 different poses and one heck of a long jaw chock full of teeth.

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