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Ancient Spirits of Evil takes the Foundry to the desserts with a vast army of the undead. From warriors with khopesh and shield to a war chariot pulled by an undead griffin. There’s also some neat terrain features that have some parts that can be left unglued to move around and four larger warbeasts, one of which is a huge undead dragon wrapped with bandages.

  • Akila, a legendary archer,
  • Ammon, a skilled ranger with his eagle pet,
  • Mummy Lord: A powerful undead Pharaoh in awakened state,
  • Ever Living Pharaoh: The undead Pharaoh in all his might,
  • Ancient Spirit of Evil, a god like entity with dark purpose,
  • Grant Visier, the general of Pharaoh’s armies in two versions, on foot and on chariot,
  • Hierophant,  a master of dark arts,
  • Mummy Queen, Pharaoh’s mistress and a powerful sorceress,
  • Mummy Assassins, two undead assassin miniatures,
  • Mummy Warriors, 3 undead warriors with modular weapon options,
  • Soul Eater, an undead abomination,
  • Undead ManScorpion, a half man – half scorpion monstrosity,
  • Undead Sphinx, the tombs guardian now corrupted by dark magic,
  • Mummy Dragon, an undead dragon bound to the Pharaoh!
  • Mummy Queen Bust!
  • Scenic Bases for all the Miniatures!
  • Paper Miniatures!
  • Battlemaps!
  • Ancient Spirit of Evil Magic D&D 5e Miniatures Lore & Stat Block .pdf!

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