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Release April 2022

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Crucible of Games Tribes

This month Crucible of Games have not only released a brand new selection of over 8 model kits, but also opened up their Tribes store. The release covers a selection of factions including some humans and some non-humans. There’s also a pair of tanks with both a main battle tank with twin barrel main turret and a set of rather cute demolition vehicles (crawling bombs).
Finally there’s a large Perdition Motive Zone terrain setup with walkways and more. Ideal for creating and adding to your table terrain.

  • Brutes by Davik
  • Taskmaster by Davik
  • Support Weapons Crew by Davik
  • Lynx Main Battle Tank by Pelicram
  • Lemmings Demolition Vehicles by Pelicram
  • Zwyntar Bats by Corvus
  • Zwyntar Wights by Corvus
  • Perdition Motive Zone by Rick the Barber

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