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Sculpting in both 32mm and 75mm along with providing several busts this is a big release of gnolls! Modular models means that you can swap weapons around between the gnolls for a lot of variety! With a host of bases included as well there’s everything you need in this months release.

In addition they’ve increased the size of their welcome pack this month by an additional 10 models, so its a really great time to back them for a big chunk of model content.

  • Corm Carcass
  • Slasherim Howl
  • Tugger Kleesho
  • Eeker Grimflesh
  • Gleesh on Grinderwulf
  • Gouch on Grinderwulf
  • Uglo Cree on Grinderwulf
  • Jannik Hellhound
  • Festo Bonebonker
  • Uupa Feist 

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