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1st Year Anniversary

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DM Stash are celebrating their first anniversary this month with a release of 12 outstanding models based on divinity and a special limited edition griffin! These models are provided in both 32mm and 75mm scales
These models come with complete DND stats and a full map and mid length campaign module for 5th edition DND

Do check back on the 15th as they’ve dropped hints of something big coming then which they’ve been working on for the last 4 years.

Included in this month’s STL pack is

  • 12x high quality models of the deities of Minera in 32mm and 75mm scale
  • Pre Supported Variants of each character (.lys files included)
  • Cedhelieth – The Life Giver [Medium Sized Model]
  • Erdrydion – Divine of Truth & Justice [Medium Sized Model]
  • Horauthin – Divine of War & Peace [Medium Sized Model]
  • Mindoriel – The First Daughter [Large Sized Model]
  • Minera – Mother of Creation [Medium Sized Model]
  • Myrothlir – Harbinger of Undeath [Medium Sized Model]
  • Namneri – The Soul Bearer [Medium/Large Sized Model]
  • Nosmarka – Entity of Chaos [Medium Sized Model]
  • Renmaeth – Goddess of Nature [Medium Sized Model]
  • Seroca – Bearer of Secrets [Medium Sized Model]
  • Tharador – Father of Wisdom [Medium Sized Model]
  • Tharanais – Prince of Wisdom [Medium Sized Model | Crown Version Optional]
  • The Family of Tharador – The divine considered to be wholly good by most mortals of the world. Among these in the pack are Tharador himself, his mother and creator of the world Minera and all Tharador’s own children, the Tharameni. They are the divine that believe mortality is a beautiful gift and mortals are capable of greater things than even themselves.
  • Mindoriel’s Spawn –  The great betrayer Mindoriel and her spawn created in envy and hatred of her brother Tharador. They all believe that mortality is an evil created by Tharador’s children and that it is folly to allow the perpetual cycle of life and death to continue.

Included in the month’s campaign is

  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of the entire continent of Tharador
  • 3x Full size A2 printable map of the cities of Unviel, Grimgate and Hinatal
  • 1x Original short/mid-length 5E module set across Tharador that sees the party traveling to multiple places to protect against the intrusions of Mindoriel’s spawn as they try bring about the thawing of their mother and the end of the ages of mortals.
  • 12x Original Statblocks for CR20-30 boss-level characters to be used in the campaign
  • 9x Original Magical Items for D&D 5th Edition
  • 1x Secret Project that’s 4 years in the making! [Release Date: April 15th]

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