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Release April 2022

The Floating Isle

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Dragon Trappers Lodge continue their signature theme of mixing up creatures with a large shrimp-dragon this month! A fantastic highly detailed model with loads of texturing over its armoured body. Joining it is a selection of mythical whales breaching from the waves; huge turtle islands; some rocky looking crabs and a hoard of coconut warriors. There’s even a special re-release of their earlier land-shark model, now being ridden into battle by the coconut warriors.
These are joined (or opposed) by shark and turtle warriors and some large shale mystics (one of which is already churning up water for an attack).

This month’s terrain and lodge release are delayed a little, but are expected to come within the early part of the month so keep your eyes out if you’re just after the terrain or want to jump on in all the way to their veteran trapper tier for the large lodge model for the month.

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