Fantastical Sculpts

Release April 2022

Fantastical Sculpts Tribes

Fantastical Sculpts is the brand new name for a new Tribes which is born of the merger of Valkyries Playground and Battleforged Bases. As part of this process they’ve rebranded and decided to focus fully on running a Tribes, as a such their Patreon is being wound down (existing Patreons should already have the news).
This means that now you’ll get a collection of both wargame models, terrain and bases each and every month!

This month they present the Calor Pattern Battletank and Sp-7 Attack ship and are still working on a very fancy set of Exterimator troops.
Terrain wise there’s a house, windmill and modular set of parts for a castle/structure which has a very open plan feel to it.
In addition there are 3 base packs, wooden, stumps and forest floors.

  • Paladin Exterminator Squad!
  • “Calor Pattern” – Battle Tank
  • “SP-7” – Attack Ship
  • House #1 (Presupported for small printers & Sliced for FDM Printers)
  • Windmill #1 (Presupported for small printers & Sliced for FDM Printers)
  • Modular – Castle (Presupported for small printers & Sliced for FDM Printers)
  • 3 Base Packs (Wooden, Stumps & Forest Floors)
  • Pre-supported Files (Lychee)

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