Release April 2022

The Shikan Theocracy

FanteZi Patreon

The Shikan Theocracy is the latest set from FanteZi, themed around a Dark Eastern style. There’s a dancing spear wielder in a powerful post with a twin bladed spear. Joining is the huge Gurdan Zo Butcher of Innocents, who has two versions. One with and one without humans to consume.

The next model is something special as FanteZi recently started a new program of selecting one Patreon member of at least 6 months membership, who gets to request a model/design for the coming month. This month its Courtney Eley, who proposed the awesome Tazelcoatl! A serpentine humanoid which comes coiled around a branch, with both a winged and wingless form.

Following we get Yuang Ko; Wheel of Pain. A warrior with fantastic patterend clothing and a huge spiked wheel weapon. Releaed in two poses; one standing strong and upgright; and one crouched, blade behind ready to strike.

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