Fleshcraft Studio

Release April 2022

Draconic Tribes Magma

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Fleshcraft Studio begin season 3 of their releases with the first of the Elemental Aspects. This month is the Magma Garorks of the Volcanic Islands.

  • Forgelord Ragnoth – (60mm base)
  • Malgatorrik, the Magmadrake (Ragnoth with Rider pose included) – (160mm base)
  • 10x Magma Smiths – (40mm Base)
  • 3x Magma Riders – (90x52mm Base)
  • Volcanic Drake Nests, with modular Drake Eggs, decorate as you like!
  • 5x Custom 40 mm Bases
  • 3x Custom 90x52mm Bases
  • 1x Custom 60mm Base
  • DnD 5E Datasheets

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