Fleshcraft Studio Patreon

Spawns of the Great Rot! This is a re-release of their former Kickstarter campaign models, featuring 37 diverse models inspired by rot, the undead and ruination.
This is a special throwback release for the month of March which is allowing the designer to work on a new upcoming Kickstarter, The Dormant God. It also allows merchant backers to retain their printing rights through the Patreon Merchant Tier since the 1 year licence released with the Kickstarter will expire soon.
If you want more renders you can check out the Kickstarter Campaign page.
A hint for the future of the Patreon is that they will work on a new range of Elemental models.

  • Lady Carnicia Severin
  • Geistmancer
  • Grimgeist
  • Vorgeist
  • Gravemaw
  • Slavemaster Ren’marh
  • Cryptwalker Colossus
  • Baron Nirroth on Dreadgeist
  • Geistmare Reapers
  • The Forgotten
  • Geistlings
  • Wraithmanes
  • Barghest

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