Forest Dragon

Release April 2022


Forest Dragon Patreon

This month Forest Dragon releases the final core infantry for the Reptilian army with the light infantry. These come armed with close combat weapons and shields or blowpipes. As normal they come with command stand options and as presupported individual and ranked set models.
Joining them are some large fire lizards which stand 2 to a 40x20mm base and have some handler infantry as well. These come with a custom base with recesses for 2 handlers.
Finally a hero crouching atop mystical ruins comes to lead these Reptilian reinforcements. Armed with a massive 2 handed weapon.

The higher tier pledges get the additional Dire Elves models, which this month come with a large manticore which comes in wild or mounted form with a choice of either lord of sorceress as riders. The Sorceress also comes with the option of being mounted on a horse.

Remember that Forest Dragon sculpts in 10mm scale.

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