Free Models

Below you will find links and references which can lead you toward legally free models kindly provided by their creators for all. Some of these will be single models, others might be collections or themes of models. It’s also worth always checking any creators My Mini Factory page as when their “store” tab has less items than their “objects” then that means they’ve got free models buried in their object list.

I do my best to ensure that these are always the legitimate sources of models so that you can download safely. If you are aware of any that I’ve posted which are not legitimate sources please contact me on: [email protected]


Cripta Studios

This is a really stunning model and more than worth grabbing. Cripta have their own Gumroad website where you can sign up to their monthly releases.

Max and Raw Patreon

Main post and key source

Near the end of last year Max and Raw Patreon made the choice to shift from charging for models to releasing their content for free for all. Whilst they still retain their patreon and pledges, the models themselves are accessible for free from now on. This was done so that the creators can feel more free to create as they wish rather than be led by the “market” of their backers.


Clay Beast Creation Patreon

Clay Beast Creation Tribes

Celebrating the fact that he’s almost finished his Star Scales army of lizard men, Clay Beast Creation has released one of the might sun bruisers for free. Clay makes some really outstanding and fun model designs and his Star Scales are just one of the armies he’s been working on.


One Page Rules Patreon

Each month OPR adds a new model from their current release to their free cults page for you to have a look at. There’s quite the library of infantry style models from a range of the factions they make models for there now. A great display of their talent and skill.


Jei Wang

A neat bust of a Sphinx Cat, hollow eyes which can be used to create some neat painting effects when painted using certain methods.

Free Models

Mini Monster Mayhem

Mini Monster Mayhem has a few really fantastic free models, primarily fan-art style creations. There’s a really awesome dragon, a very cure selection of Halloween felines and a bust of Mordin Solus

Free models

Printed Obsession

Printed Obsession does a LOT of fanart sculpts of models from a whole range of settings, from video games to anime and more. The selection linked above is just a small offering from him, so do check out his full page on MMF for all his other models that are free. Great sculpting quality.

Mia Kay – main store

m3dm academy – sculpting learning patreon

M3DM – model patreon

Mia does a lot of sculpting with a big focus on fantasy and animals; with fantasy covering animals, creatures, adventurers, terrain decoration/features.
She puts out a lot of models and her entire MMF store (linked above) is free. You can choose to support her through her Patreon and she also runs a 3D sculpting teaching patreon (also linked above) which focuses on using ZBrush software and offers a range of ways to learn.