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Release April 2022

Rise of the Pict

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After a Roman fort last month, this month Gadgetworks brings us the Picts as some foes! This release so far has 3 Pictish warriors which come in regular and tattoo marked variations, along with bases. Joining them is a really fantastic looking chariot which has lots of high detail and a very authentic looking feel to the design. They’ve uploaded a few photos of their own prints and they really show how great the chariot looks when printed.
And if mighty Roman warriors are not enough, when raiding there’s always farmers who take the brunt of an attack. Thus they’ve added a selection defending and dying from a Pict attack.
They’ve also got a farm house/building which comes in a range of component parts, plus a ruined version. A before and after of the brutal attack .
As they sculpt through the months there’s every chance more might be added as the month progresses.

  • 3x32mm Pict warriors including supported versions
  • 3x32mm Tattooed versions of Pict warriors including supported versions
  • 3x25mm round bases

Chariot Contents:

  • 1x32mm scale war chariot including supported versions
  • 2xhorsesincluding supported versions
  • 1x32mm Chieftain with shield and spear including supported versions
  • 1x32mm Pict chariot driver including supported versions
  • 1x32mm Tattooed versions of Pict driver including supported versions
  • 1x75X50mm base

Roman Farmers:

  • 1x32mm Dead impaled farmer including supported versions
  • 1x32mm Dying crawling farmer including supported versions
  • 1x32mm Plucky fighting farmer including supported versions
  • 3x25mm round bases

Roman Farmhouse

  • 1 200x120mm base/lower
  • 1 upper with small roof
  • 1 top section with pan tiled roof
  • 1 wooden balcony
  • 3 doors
  • 1 pulley/hoist

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