GHAMAK Patreon

As always the Fantasy and Sci if releases are split here as they come out at different times and you’ve the option of a different pledge if you choose for one or the other or both. Continuing the Spartancast army range with some fantastic looking cavalry and ranged archers along with spearmen and some mighty big models. The dragons are slightly delayed but expected out a day or so later.

  • Spartancast Dragon 
  • Spartancast Dragon without armour
  • 3 Spartancast Mage Cavalry
  • 5 Spartancast Heavy Crossbowmen (with leader)
  • 5 Owls
  • 6 Spartancast Spearmen (complete with leader, musician and standard)
  • Lord of Shifting Doom (this is a special model for both SCI-FI and Fantasy releases)

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