Ghamak Sci-fi

Release April 2022

Ghamak Patreon

This is the Sci-fi content from Ghamak’s patreon, showing off a wild selection of beast riding orks, a mighty leader with powerful cybernetic augmentations and more!
The Firstborn army also gains new infantry in the form of new special squad troops with a complete leader selection too.

In addition the wild ork side gained additional models this month from the Easter Egg release, with a looted battletank, goblins and some large elite warriors.

  • Klintz with backpack
  • Nightmare Makdocz with crew and scenic bases (square and round)
  • Scerif Warbozz 2
  • 5 Ziwigz Boyz squad
  • 5 Firstborn Spetsnaz special squad
  • Firstborn Spetsnaz command group

Easter Egg:

  • 5 Orkz Kommandos
  • 3 Orkz Kommandos food reserves
  • 1 Stolen firstborn Special Orkz Tank with special hero Kommander.

Remember that his patreon also includes a chunky fantasy release as well and you can opt to get one or the other or both through the same patreon.

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