Ghamak Patreon

The Firstborn get a trio of new tanks and a technorepairer to help keep them in good repair.

Against them is the first of a new force, the Orkz! Launching into war with a massive leader backed up with armed warboyz.

Ghamak releases both a fantasy and sci-fi tier each month (with an option to get both); I’ve split the fantasy to their own post.

  • Great Warboz Klintz Weirdwood
  • Orkz warboz wit angryfang
  • Orkz warboz scerifz
  • Ork Warboz in mega armour
  • Ork Warboz halfblood villian
  • Ork Warboz “The goodz”
  • 5 Bullboyz 
  • 8 round bases 40mm
  • 8 round bases 25mm
  • Tecnorepairer
  • Rodina Kyiv
  • Rodina Tyulpan
  • Rodina balistic rocket tank

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