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Dawn of Heresy is this month’s release, featuring dark characters themed around religion and heretics. Great Grimoire sculpt throughout the release month, so do check back on their Patreon/Tribes through the month to see more and more models revealed and released.
Up first is the Milady of Grace, a stunning multi-armed priestess, kept blind hovering, her robes draped down from her body.
The second model depicts the Sacred Procession; blinded monks carrying a blindfolded and chained sacrifice atop a great alter come chair.

Next comes the brutal pair of the Dark Bishop and an Iron Maiden. The Bishop ready to cast twisted judgement upon the innocent; the maiden a two part model with a huge iron maiden with an interior loaded with sharp sokes; the maiden herself with a twisted grin of panic and pain whlist being pound to be placed inside.

Then we have my favourite of this release so far, the Children of Light and Dark. A really stunning scene with some classical feels to the way its designed with the demons piled atop each other and an angel (with some really great looking wings) perched atop.

Three Crusaders also join the release, going to battle with sword and spellbook/religious text. Ready to bring justice and order to those that might resist the Church.

Cometh the true Horror Bearer! A huge and very grim dark style model. A titan carrying the swords of those who failed to slay it; a horror that carries those it captures within crude metal cages.

Estimated sculpting releases:

(1st week):

  • Milady of Grace
  • Procession
  • Iron Maiden

(2nd week):

  • Archbishop
  • Inquisitor
  • Executioner
  • Holy Knights
  • Horror Bearer
  • Shrouded Angel

(3rd week):

  • Infiltrator
  • Duelist

(4th week):

  • Death Companion – Will be available on March, 22
  • Horror Bearer
  • Executioner – Will be available on March, 26
  • Third Horseman of the Apocalypse – Will be available on March, 28
  • Throwback model – Bust will be available on March, 28
  • Dnd stat blocks – Will be available on March, 23

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