Grimdark Terrain Excavator

Grimdark Terrain Monthly Membership

Grimdark Terrain produce some outstanding terrain features designed for the 8mm Adepticus Titanicus game system. This months release is a huge excavator with a land train as well. This model is huge and the tops of its struts/towers reaches as high as a Warlord Titan. This is huge feature to fight over and treat as a terrain feature or heck be creative and perhaps its a massive mobile convoy you’re protecting with your titans on a mission.

Alongside features like this they also produce a lot of modular terrain parts and their site has a lot to offer to create some really outstanding tables to play over. Note that the Excavator is listed with a big discount on their store. To qualify you have to sign up to be a member, which works just the same as a Patreon or Tribes monthly release.

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