Heroes Infinite

Release April 2022

High Elves of the Eternal Summits II

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This is a massive release of both models and terrain from Heroes Infinite, which creates a second massive wave of High Elves from the Eternal Summits. As always from HI you get a whole host of models, from a selection of core infantry through to heroes, monsters, mounted monsters and a huge set of terrain features. The Spirit Fox is a stunning model with swirling flame effects surrounding it as it leaps into air ready to unleash arrows from its bow.

Their Overlord Tier is well worth it if the collection interests you as the infantry goes from one or two examples to a whole 4-5 unit squads and you gain even more terrain. This is an ideal set to get started with these models or to add to a previous collection of High Elf models released by them before.
The addition of modular terrain and scatter terrain in Overlord gives you enough to decorate any table or diorama from scatter all the way to a huge fortification or outpost.

Also note that if you sign up on their website for the monthly release, not only do you get instant back-access (which you can redeem for your patreon months if you’ve backed them there before); but also several exclusive designs from this release (as noted in the video above).

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