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Another massive release, this time focusing on a mystical elf range of models that would look fantastic on any table and could form the core of an army or suppliment an existing one with fresh sculpts.

From mages using powerful spells, to infantry and troops through to two massive winged models with a peacock griffin and a phoenix. Both of which come with either wild or mounted options (unmounted for phoenix is a website subscriber only option)

There’s also some really neat scatter style scenery this month in their Overlord pledge which compliments the two floating island major scenery features.

Note that they also offer some unique model options if you sign up to their website subscription instead of subscribing through patreon. Their website is manually run so registering your subscription can take a little time (normally less than a day); though the website will still offer you the option to subscribe; so don’t get caught subscribing twice through impatience.

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