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Warriors of the Secret Jungle, providing a two race force of Aztec inspired humans and giant lizard people in one force. An outstanding collection of stunning leader models and characters, backed up (esp if you get Overlord) with a range of infantry from light warriors all the way to lizards riding on dinosaurs in the sky (which come without riders for backers on their website). In addition they do a spectacular selection of scenery that really impresses each month. Both a huge central diorama of a stepped pyramid and also a whole slew of scatter terrain which can be used to build a rather large temple complex.

NOTE, as the video above shows, there’s a few exclusive options if you buy through their own website over getting through the patreon. In addition if you do buy through their website note that processing is manually done, not automatic so it might appear to take a bit of time before you have your content. Typically a day at most is all you have to wait, though the subscriber button will still remain active, so don’t mistakenly end up subbing more than once.
Bonus of their site is it does give back-access to previous tiers once you are signed up (this is not done through MMF)

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