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Release April 2022

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As always Kyoushuneko Miniatures presents two distinct releases, one the British Forces and the other a Dwarf Fantasy army. This continues the Dwarf forces released last month; expanding them with cannoneers, heavy meley units, steam armour, gyrocopters and more.

The British Armed forces bring a unit of riflemen, tank crew, mortar and machinegun teams; a MK1 A9 tank and a walking sentinel! A perfect mix of WW2 era designs and some steampunk/robot fun!

British Army Forces:

  • BEF Anti Tank Crew x 2
  • BEF Riflemen x 5
  • BEF Mortar Team x 3
  • BEF MMG Team x 3
  • BEF Captain x 1
  • BEF MK Sentinel ME x 1
  • BEF MK1 A9 Tank x 1
  • BEF Tank Commander x 1

Dwarf Fantasy Forces:

  • Dwarf Brewmaster x 1
  • Gyrocopter x 3
  • Gyrocopter Pilot x 3
  • Dwarf Steam Armor x 6
  • Dwarf Cannoneer Unit x 6
  • Dwarf Heavy Melee Unit x 6
  • Ozutsu Ashigaru Units x 6

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