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Kyoushuneko release two major releases a month, first part of the month is as always a selection of fantasy models, this time focused heavily around a fantastic selection of Mongolian cavalry, all ready to rank up into close formations for the tabletop.
Keep an eye on them for the second release (normally in the latter half of the month) for their sci-fi tier. Also keep an eye out for any community remix models that get released through the month.

  • Chaos Onni Samurai x 1
  • Onnabushi x 2
  • Japanese Cannon Artillery x 1
  • Japanese Artillery Crew x 2
  • Naga Samurai Warrior x 2
  • Mongol Command Group x 3
  • Mongol General mounted x 1
  • Mongol Archer Cavalry x 5
  • Mongol Sword Cavalry x 5
  • Mongol Spearmen Mounted x 5

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