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Release April 2022

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Possibly my favourite release of the month, this month Last Sword Miniatures brings out some purely awesome stuff! You can choose one of the five sets if you only want to build one army; or you can go for all five for a tiny bit more each month through the patreon.

First up is the Human Cannon set, which is just awesome and so diverse. Not just a cannon with crew, but also optional parts to have the cannon with a firing effect; a blown barrel and blown breach. Then there’s several sets of barricades to protect the gun with and a crew doing a variety of important roles in loading and firing with one carrying a huge long gun for defence (and sporting a neat robotic leg). This is more than you get from most cannon sets out there, this is a complete setup that lets you have free standing cannon or a full dug-in gun emplacement.

Following that there’s the huge Skycutter dragon. A dragon with a very dynamic flying posture in a full swooping dive with a rider holding on for dear life with a rider behind ready with a large crossbolt thrower to fire into the enemy. It’s a fantastic bit of original design work for GW’s old skycutter model of a sky chariot pulled by eagles (which was a fantastic kit, a shame to lose in the upheaval over AoS’s launch).

Following these two massive models are two cavalry heroes. The Raptor Hero and Black Knight Hero. Both high detail riders ready to charge into battle and lead their respective forces!

Then bringing up the rear is a thundering sound of heavy cavalry as the Chosen of the Ashes storm onto the table. Heavily armed warriors wotj lance and shield ready to storm ahead. There’s even a neat rider standing beside their mount for some variety in the units and style of posing; or perhaps an ideal adventurer model for an RPG not just a wargame.

  • Human Cannon set
  • Chosen of the Ashes Cavalry
  • Lizard Raptor Hero
  • Black Knight Hero
  • Elven Skycutter

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