Last Sword Miniatures Patreon

This month they are releasing a host of new things, models for 5 armies are up for grabs. You can either choose one of the five with their lowest tier, or get all five sets for each expanding army. I have to say I was drawn to their Patreon originally just collecting the lizard warriors, however this month chose to up my amount to the full set because they’ve continued to really impress me with their work.

From a wild sourceress with hyenas; to two sets of knights, one evil and armoured in skeletal style armour; the other in thick mail and armour, with wild wolves running alongside.
The Lizard faction takes on an interesting twist this month, in response to user feedback, they’vep rovided a set of humans to accompany them into battle.
Finally there’s a mysterious elven mage upon horseback.

In other news they’ve started work on a new website through which they hope to provide back-access for all the models people have purchased through their Patreon. Sadly they can’t use their current website and are thus developing a new one, which they estimate will take around 3 months to complete. Note that they are always open to providing back-access through sending them a message on patreon if you do need it until then.

In addition they are launching a scenery Kickstarter focused around an Italian Villa, the full announcement of details to come later this month.

*Warriors of the Ashes – Barbarian Sorceress of the Ashes
*Atanakas – Atanacas Warriors
*Elven Lords – Elven Mage on Horse
*High Kingdom – Wolf Knights
*Undead – Black Knights

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