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So far LotP are showing off their Feathered Wyvern from their march release of the Swarm of Vouivre. This is also a big month of change for LotP as they are shifting from their historical native 40mm scale to 32mm scale from now on. Of course if you want to shift scales you can freely do so in your slicer and the variation between 32 and 40mm won’t be too distinct, though it might well mean a few thin sword blades and the like might be a touch more durable for your 32mm games from now on.

Alongside the Swarm they are also releasing the first part of the Children of the Scale, which will be an ongoing series of models being released every few months featuring dragonborn and half dragon models.

In addition to the below they are adding a Parasite model to the Alpha Collection.

Swarm of the Vouivre:

3 Vouivre Drones
3 Vouivre Soldiers
1 Vouivre Matriarch
3 Vouivre Babies
2 Feathered Wyverns

Children of the Scale:

Tarhun : Half Dragon heavy soldier
Kriv : Dragonborn Wizard

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