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A full month of release chock to the brim with Wyvern Dragons. From a huge matriarch and her cute brood of hatchlings; to warriors and dones including a fantastic “in flight” pose that’s honestly sorely missed in the STL world. Backed up with two half-dragon characters – 32mm scale.
These are super high detail models with fantastic attention to detail all over them.
There’s also a Parasite to be added later in the month as a free model.

  • 3 Vouivre Drones ( Dive, Liftoff, Walking )
  • 3 Vouivre Soldiers ( Roar, Sting, Watching )
  • 1 Vouivre Matriarch
  • 3 Vouivre Babies ( Curious, Standing, Nest )
  • 2 Rukh ( Male & Female )
  • Tarhun : Half Dragon heavy soldier
  • Kriv : Dragonborn Wizard

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