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Release April 2022

The Sprawl

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A stunning release of models inspired by fantasy woodlands. There’s living plants, a mighty ancient mushroom, powerful tree warriors and, standing proud over all beasts and plants in the forests, a large Loriantha, which I think might just be one of my favourite models I’ve seen sculpted this month.
Not to be left out heroes and elves also rise to the fore, some with a clear connection to nature, others armed with sword and shield.

An outstanding release focusing on the woodlands
They also produce a 5th edition DnD adventure pack to go with the models featuring 10+ fully play tested Epic Monsters & NPC statblocks + extensive rich lore.

 The Minis:

  • — Oreshluma (100mm Base, 75mm Height)
  • — Loriantha (75mm Base, 118mm Height)
  • — Bloom Stalker 1 (50mm Base, 59mm Height)
  • — Bloom Stalker 2 (50mm Base, 58mm Height)
  • — Bloom Stalker 3 (50mm Base, 49mm Height)
  • — Mycelian 1 (25mm Base, 43mm Height)
  • — Mycelian 2 (25mm Base, 33mm Height)
  • — Mycelian 3 (25mm Base, 42mm Height)
  • — Thornling Swarm (50mm Base, 53mm Height, COMING SOON, check back in a day or two)
  • — Thornling 1 (25mm Base, 22mm Height)
  • — Thornling 2 (25mm Base, 25mm Height)
  • — Thornling 3 (25mm Base, 33mm Height)
  • — Archdruid Ka’athi 1 (25mm Base, 31mm Height)
  • — Arlund, Obsidian Knight (25mm Base, 55mm Height)
  • — Treiys, Obsidian Knight (25mm Base, 48mm Height)
  • — Garram, Obsidian Knight (25mm Base, 48mm Height)
  • — Elleth, Obsidian Knight (25mm Base, 36mm Height)
  • — Todd the Toad (25mm Base, 15mm Height)

The Busts:

  • — Arlund, Obsidian Knight
  • — Treiys, Obsidian Knight
  • — Elleth, Obsidian Knight
  • — Archdruid Ka’athi

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